[Press Release] eCommerce Titans Podcast — How to Structure Your Email Marketing Funnel for Your eCommerce Brand

By this we mean deliverability, open rates, and click rates. If you will, external factors are less individualistic from your brand’s identity than they are to well-defined email practices[5]

Also, keeping up with what’s “in” in the eCommerce world can very much help you tune your email’s performance. While these are factors that exist way outside your company’s boundaries, they still have a huge impact on your email marketing.

Other factors to amplify your email marketing would be expanding your strategies into multiple channels. In other words, multi-channel marketing. This would help broaden your reach and cover more touch points along the customer journey[6]

One strategy you can apply right now to help mend your eCommerce marketing funnel gap would be email marketing automation. You can make nurturing your customers through your marketing funnel an efficient process.[7]

By setting up flows, email triggers, and send time schedules, your email marketing efforts won’t miss a beat when catering to your customers. And this whole automation framework doesn’t have to be complicated!

When done right, it can become one of your core assets for optimizing your eCommerce marketing funnel.

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What’s Next for Chronos Agency?

Look out for the CARTLOOP x Chronos Agency collaboration webinar video coming out on our Facebook group eCommerce Email Lab! Lisa Popovici (Co-Founder of CARTLOOP) and Josh get together and talk about the fruits of the SMS x Email Marketing tandem.

Save your seat for the 5 Strategies to Maximize ROI with Email x Conversational SMS Marketing.[8]

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