Social Media Sales Funnels: Benefits of Press Releases

If you have already heard about press releases and would like to know whether or not they can be used for social media marketing, the answer is simply yes.

Press releases are great for getting endless backlinks to your site and getting your content and expertise noticed. Once you share a press release, you will be able to distribute the content with your own website link in. This means that every single blog, news outlet, and site that republishes your news will give you a link back (vote) for your site. Your press release, shared on social media can also go viral, and you will get clicks back to your offers.

Business Intelligence and Press Releases

One of the main benefits of press releases is that you will understand your audience better. Find out what people and news outlets are interested in, so you can tailor your future content to their interest and preferences. If you look at the statistics of your press releases, you will find out when it is time to post and which newsworthy content makes it to Google News. We often use press release distribution sites when we set up a brand new site and sales funnel, as it will give the pages the necessary boost to get indexed and noticed by search engines. It is also great for monitoring which sites are currently looking for content.

The New Way of Doing Content Marketing

While blogging is still the most effective way of getting visitors from search engines, it takes time until you build up your follower base. Publishing a press release and starting a social media marketing campaign[1] will speed up the process. You will not only get a link from the press release distribution site, but also the outlets that republish your content. A word of warning US content is more likely to go viral. I had some press releases that got picked up by local news sites in just a few seconds. In the UK, however, it is recommended that you sign up for premium distribution packages to get the maximum exposure and backlinks. Still, you can get tons of traffic from press releases. Check out some of the statistics below. These PR articles were free, and not upgraded to premium distribution.

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